Monday, April 12, 2010

IttyBiz - the business of business

Enough of the monkey business. Bring on the penguins. No, there's no link to the rest of the post. None at all.
(Image: courtesy of Kysoh's Tux Droid and Gnu)

Anyone who runs their own business single-handed, but particularly those of us who work alone and from home, know just how isolating the business of business can be.

Sure, there are many perks. As a freelance writer and researcher, my work allows me to work from more or less anywhere and provides me with the perfect excuse to be one of Portsmouth's least known (yet paradoxically best-loved) coffee shop connoisseurs. Working my own hours and setting my own agenda are two more of the highs in the freelancing high life, but it's not all fresh lattes and satisfyingly tappy keyboards.

The downside includes being responsible for admin, marketing, and accounting - areas that cause me to become as sleepy as I do when listening to David Cameron's vomit-inducing sweet nothings as he whores out his party in the hope of becoming Britain's Next Prime Minister.

It's no surprise that I often need some help.

Today, on the suggestion of Mark McGuinness over at the online creative kickass heaven that is Lateral Action, I finished my latest dirty dozen posts over at Women's Views On News and toddled over to IttyBiz. The brainchild and potty-mouthed home of small business guru Naomi Dunford, IttyBiz is the entrepreneur's guide to everything you ever needed to know about money management, marketing, making the most of social media and lots of other business-oriented matters beginning with 'M'.

Naomi's style is uniquely approachable. But best of all for a navytown gal like me, it's also peppered with profanity, somehow managing to combine excellent advice with pithy, witty irreverence. The first post I read was titled 'Money! Or what kind of moron pees on their own boot?'

I was sold. And now I belong to Naomi Dunford. How about you?