Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas Culture Club

Today was my Symphony course with Steve Hender, held at the Square Tower in Old Portsmouth. As expected, and as ever, Steve H was absolutely marvellous, the man is an inspiration. It's strange, because I first met Steve Hender over ten years ago, when he was the training consultant for Vardon attractions - I was a 19 year old sales assistant with aspirations. He as much a tour de force then as he is now and I consider myself lucky to have been fortunate to encounter him more than once in my lifetime.

Once again today, Steve made me think about the power we all have to influence our own futures, even when it means making the unpopular or the risky decisions. The Square Tower is the perfect venue too, and I hope the Council can maximise its usage over the coming years, so that more people can experience the power of that environment. I was over the moon to have been placed on the course on the same day as the ever gorgeous Lisa Clark, who teaches me more and more about love, kindness and communication every time I see her. To spend time with her is a gift and I love the fact that we rarely stop talking and race from topic to topic with equal gusto and enthusiasm. She makes being positive a walk in the park.

And did I mention Lisa's book is out in January and you can pre-order it from Amazon??

Tonight was the Christmas Culture do and I must say that it revealed the hardcore party goers amongst us. Queens of the evening were Miss Sally and I, who did not stop drinking until a cute little barman summoned the tenacity to ask us to leave as the place was closing. Some people left as early as 20.30 and almost everyone was gone by ten. Shocking!

Fortunately, Miss Sally and I were there to preserve the party-going face of culture; even the Chief whistled off early, though with fortune in his favour. Personally, I could not help but be glad of everyone's early departure, for the last hour or so spent with Miss Sally was the perfect end to a lovely day.

In the (early) Christmas spirit, you'll have to forgive me for a brief post tonight, but Miss Sally insisted on buying me a double gin before we went home and it was rather the end of me. I'm not sure gin is what they mean by the spirit of Christmas!

Oh, and before I go, just to get something on the record, Miss Sally is officially one of the most intelligent women I know.

Today's Beautiful Things

1. Shonagh. Just because.

2. Writing my first poem in months.

3. Late night laughter with Miss Sally - this should be available on the NHS.


Lou, Lorraine & Norma said...

Oooh you dirty stop-outs, you!

Look at us - all at work early and bright 'n' breezy because we slinked off early. No sign of Miss Sally or the Chief, we hold you 100% responsible Chevmeister.

Hope the head's not too bad!

Anonymous said...

Hey lovely,

wow the square tower i haven't been there since that fornesic lecture we went to.....great venue you are right.

Hender sounds immense i can't wait to see you so you can tell me more about what you learnt.

Just a question, the picture you have is of spikey's......do you now own one? If so i am going to put it up your nose!!

Love you.

My favourite thing today,

Your nose.

Dill. xxx

Mark Wright said...

Do we have a drink problem, dear? Ladette weekend, followed by wild Tuesday night finishing with a double gin? Yes, I think so. Who sir me sir drunk sir yes sir!

Stephen said...

Hello Sarah

It’s Steve Hender here; I’ve just had a blogging lesson from Paul Raven, and I’ve decided to have my first go at entering a blog… and, as I found that you’d written such lovely things about me on your blog (it really is appreciated; thank you!), I thought I’d lose my blogging virginity to you. Is that OK? Is this what you’re meant to do? Not really sure… Anyway, please let me know if it was good for you…

What Ho!