Thursday, December 7, 2006

Birthday Morning Madness


It's Shonagh's birthday today. I'm meeting her this morning for coffee, cards and presents. Everyone sing...........

Today's blog is cut short by the fact that I'm writing in the morning and need to get to work. Why is getting up so hard at the moment? Why is it so depressing to get up when it's dark? Does Seasonal Adjustment order really exist?

Pick a question and discuss.

Sigmund Freud had a theory, I am told (no, this is not the start of an elaborate joke). Well actually, I suspect Freud had a few, but this is a lesser known one. By me at least.

The Chief tells me that Sigmund Freud was asked for advice on how to make a difficult decision.

"Flip a coin," he said.

When challenged about the idea of leaving important choices to chance, he explained.

"When the coin comes down you will have some clue as to how you really feel about the decision."

I thought this was rather clever and began to wish I had some difficult decisions to make. Having said that, Christmas is coming and everyone keeps asking me what I want. Why is it that the rest of the year, if people asked me what I wanted I would be able to tell them but my mind goes blank at Christmas?

G and I went shopping last night at the Wharf of Gun, which I was sort of dreading. To my delight I bought lots of presents, although only a few of them were for Christmas!! We went for pork valentine at the CharBar afterwards, which was big barbecuing fun, and the best end to an few hours shopping. The waiter was fabulous, too, in terms of service over cuteness. Not that he wasn't cute, but not my sort of cute. Oh, you know what I mean.

So - what do YOU want for Christmas?

Today's Beautiful Things 1. Coffee in the morning 2. BBQ's inside 3. A sudden downpour

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Dill said...

WOW thank you so so so so much! I am a very lucky feminist to appear on your blog for my bday. Was amazing to see you today and i am now drinking pink cava out of the beautiful glasses you gave me......

Love you sweet cheeks.
Dill. xxxx