Monday, December 11, 2006

The only reason for being a professional writer is that you can't help it. Leo Rosten

This morning started well. Kate’s car wouldn’t start, and we were trapped in an immobile vehicle with the choice of persevering in the attempts to start the engine, or sitting in the car and waiting for the weather to subside so that we could leave. One choice that was definitely not on the books was to brave the weather that had just soaked us through whilst crossing the common to get to the car. Instead, we sat inside, giggling hysterically (and I mean that literally) wishing for the car to start and shouting every so often to Kit Kat’s car, “C’mon Peanut!” (Kate believes in naming her cars).

At 8.45 I had to call the office to let them know that I wasn’t hungover and retiring under my duvet (I was hungover and stuck in a car). Miss Sally answered cheerily, and I explained our predicament. At the exact moment that I told her the car wouldn’t start, Kate turned the key to the engine, and – you’ve guessed it – Peanut roared into life.

“Miss Sally!” I declared, “You’ve magically started the car with the power of your mind!”

“Oh, what hilarious fun! It must be our magical powers!” she replied.

And I think she’s right. Magical things happen when Miss Sally and I are together, like when Eric Twinge (of 29 Acacia Road – remember him? Lou, I know you do…..) eats a banana and magically transforms into Bananaman. Except a bit different, obviously.

The rest of the day passed peacefully and uneventfully enough in the Ministry of Culture. A couple of people gave some good feedback on my culture sermon from the weekend, which I rather liked. It’s interesting how some of my most popular observations are a result of complete inebriation isn’t it?

And talking of culture, did anyone catch the Culture Show over the weekend? It was notable for two particular reasons. The first was the regular slam-dunk of a review that Mark Kermode gave the new Christmas cinema favourite, The Holiday. I’ve heard Kermode give some pretty condemnatory reviews, but this one really held no prisoners. As I recall, at one point, he compared it to spending two hours “wading through vomit.”

Now although I laughed at the review (how could you not? The power of the critic is awesome!), I was thrown into a state of DDD (Deep Down Disappointment) at this condemnation because I have really wanted to see The Holiday. Mostly because it features Jack Black, who I L-O-V-E, admittedly, but I would have gladly tolerated the rest of the cast, too. It is Christmas after all. I was then further confused when doing my daily check of favourite blogs this morning as the gorgeous Miss Lisa gave The Holiday a rave review! Fortunately, thanks to the wonderful Clarky, we are all going to see it tomorrow night and I’ll be able to find out for myself. Watch out Mr Kermode if I disagree with you!

And finally, whilst talking of the Culture Show, you must check out the Christmas Greeting from Coldcut. Incredibly powerful stuff. You can find both Mark's reviews (also of Happy Feet and The Nativity) and the Coldcut Christmas Greeting here

Today’s Beautiful Things

  1. Miss Sally taking extra special care of me when I felt like I was birthing a mule this morning
  2. White chocolate buttons – a special treat for every suffering feminist everywhere
  3. The Chief’s new coat – it’s more than a bit fabulous, you know.


Lisa Clark said...

Could your blog be filled with any more information of fabulousness? The fact you've all agreed to come see The Holiday -boo to the critic, yes, it's shmaltzy but in such a good way - yay! We're gonna have a great time...Most importantly, there's such a thing as white buttons? And I don't know about it? Ohmystars - it's the stuff of dreams!

Dill said...

looking forward to you telling me all about the film, i want to see it too.

BTW - Jack Black loves me not you!