Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year Everyone

Sorry to disappoint you readers but this is G posting apologies on behalf of the lovely and talented Sarah (yes, I am biased but I also believe it to be true). Due to a "communication nightmare" she cannot dictate her posting as she had hoped to do. As you know because you would have read it in the previous posting, she went away for her New Year celebrations and is in a small village where there is no signal for her mobile and, as that law would have it, the land line phone is not working. You will be pleased to hear she will be back tomorrow and will continue her postings then.

So, on both her behalf and mine I wish you all a
Very Happy New Year

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KKK said...

Morning Flower!

Really you have no need to fear that you were inflicting anything on me and Thermo girl. We were talking about the New Year on the way home and like you we were both feeling very quiet and not sure why (can't remember a time when we have been so quiet!). Thermo girl was doing a lot of thinking about the last year and as it was very chilled and low-key there was a lot of thinking space and time!

If it's any comfort I too was feeling a little unsettled over the weekend, slightly didgy and apprehensive about the New Year etc..Roll on 2007!!

As ever it was lovely to be with my super friends, Princess of Darkness and Thermo Girl!!!

Love you heaps x x