Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hell, there are no rules here-- we're trying to accomplish something. Thomas Edison

'Fear of Falling' courtesy of Devil of Neurosis over at DeviantArt

After the Singing Group last night, Kate and I watch a TV show called A Natural History of Murder, which profiles a forensic scientist who studies pollen, Patricia Wiltshire. If you didn't happen to see this rather obscure gem, it is almost impossible to describe: firstly, how interesting the subject matter of forensic work using pollen to link suspects with murders, to locate bodies and so, and secondly, what an amazing character Patricia Wiltshire is. My favourite moment was when she described Tom Cruise as 'funny little man.'

The storm arrived in the night. The howling winds produce the most alarming sounds from my window as air rushes through the gaps in the frame. Sometimes the window actually moans loudly. I know that my neighbour has the same problem because he woke me up three times hammering at his window to stop it. The result? I had nowhere near enough sleep and spent almost the entirety of today asleep.

When I wake up, I'm completely out of sync with the time and I feel so didgy by the evening that at eight o'clock I spend an hour doing yoga for the first time in ages and ration myself to drinking only water and no caffeine for the rest of the night. Outside now, at half past nine, I can hear the winds rising again and resign myself to sleeping on the sofa.

Some Joanna Newsom, inspired by my Dad. I wanted to post a track that he recently alerted me to, This Side of the Blue, but I can't find it. This live recording of Joanna on Jools Holland makes up for it, I hope. She can be an acquired taste, but I've loved her since she released the Sprout and The Bean.

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Kitty Kat Kate said...

Morning Love!

I was not able to function at work at all yesterday, I was sooo tired! I remember waking up at yours to Alan hitting the window with that bloody hammer. He needs to chill out with the 'hammer time' in the early hours or get himself a toy one!

Hope you had a better nights sleep on the sofa?

Big Up to the wonderful Pat!!

Love you x x x x