Friday, February 23, 2007

the most beautiful silence never heard. Bukowski

On the way home from Emsworth, where we spend the morning book-shopping, we pass an ice-cream van sitting patiently waiting for trade in the pouring rain. This is the definition of optimism, I think.

I find a poem by Billy Collins on YouTube called 'The Dead.' It is a new concept to me to animate poems, but it's one I like.

Bean prefers his poem, 'Forgetfulness.' He says he can relate to it more.

We both agree, however, that you can't go wrong with Bukowski. This is taken from the film, Born Into This, which I'm not sure you can get in the UK yet. It is an edited version of a poem called Dinosauria, We. (The link here takes you to a site advertising a documentary on Bukowski, called Born Into This).

It has been a peace-full day, at least outside of my mind. And I have many new books.

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