Thursday, February 8, 2007

Real love isn't ambivalent. Belize, Angels in America

Emma Thompson as the Angel of America

I know my relationship with alcohol has taken a new lease of life when I confess to being hungover in the office and the First response is “Again?” Damn my personal passion for wine. Damn my inability to know my limits and damn my commitment to ignoring them.

I paid the price for my hangover by only being fit to function for half the day (and I’m stretching the literal meaning of the word ‘fit’ even there). I had to go home and sleep for most of the day (I did a deal with the Chief via the wonderful Miss Sally that I would go home yesterday and work my off day on Friday instead – expensive things, hangovers), and having rebalanced myself, I settled myself in to watch ‘Angels in America.’

If you haven’t seen it – and I suspect you probably have, as most of the people I’ve spoken to acted slightly surprised that I didn’t know what it was – then this incredibly difficult to describe series is a must see. The plays were originally written by Tony Kushner, as two separate plays, Millennium Approaches and Perestroika, and were refilmed together as a mini-series by HBO in 2003, which is the version I watched yesterday. It's incredibly moving, well-written, witty and political viewing (don't let that put you off though) and The Daily highly recommends.

Now, there's an event of great cultural importance appearing on the horizon next week. It's intricately connected to love and beauty and the appreciation of both. It's an event that all of us, deep down, feel a stirring about, and it's one that The Daily cannot ignore. In the words of philosopher Rolf Harris, can you guess what it is yet?

One more clue. It's happening on February 14th and it makes your heart beat faster just to think about it.

You guessed. It's the release day for Hot Fuzz!! Brilliant! I know, like me, fans of Spaced and Shaun of the Dead, and those that worship the Pegg and Frost combination (that's pretty much me and Lou): you may not find it easy to wait that long, but it's ok! Here's the trailer for your delectation and delight. Ahhhhhh.

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Louise said...

Hmm, Frost with a west country accent, bit freaky but I think I like it...

Have you seen the TV ad too? Ice cream headache, geeeeenius! xx