Friday, April 20, 2007

Copping out on clips

I watched a film this afternoon called Grizzly Man, about the life of death of a man called Timothy Treadwell, who spent thirteen summers living alongside bears in the deep countryside of Alaska. He was killed by a bear in the last summer he spent with them, and all the footage he had taken over the last five years fell into the hands of film-maker Werner Herzog, who has created this beautiful movie about the beautiful and terrible paths we tread when trying to find a place in the world where we belong and are accepted. Watch it (the movie, I mean, it's not a warning). As ever, it's at Portsmouht's Central Library (or will be when I return it).

Tim Treadwell seems like a man who is more than just an environmentalist, in fact, his conservation and protection of the bears he lives alongside, seem secondary to his quest for some kind of inner peace, and a sense of belonging. Perhaps he could find it with the bears because they couldn't answer back. Treadwell died alongside his girlfriend Amy, who is almost entirely absent from the documentary (partly due to the wishes of her family, and partly due to her almost complete absence from Timothy's footage, interestingly).

G, my mum, hates these posts where, as she puts it I "just post lots of clips from Youtube with a bit of text in between" - sorry mum. But here's one from the Chief that I just couldn't resist.

Hope I'm that talented before I get old.

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