Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Goddess of Advice

Inspired by an evening at the Peace Cafe, Castle Road.

You have much less to fear than you think.
Everything you are most afraid of is inevitable anyway, and you were never in control.

You are far more afraid than you think. You are beginning to know that the books, the cigarettes, the drink, yes, even the Internet, are places you hide within, passing time, not spending it.

Let the distractions go. Sit.
You are in the silence that follows.
Stay still, listen and soon, the fear will pass. Hold this feeling for as long as you can.
Revisit the old distractions from time to time. You'll enjoy them more
when you're out of the habit.

Open yourself to others. This is your biggest fear.
Wage war on it every day - if you don't win this battle, it will be one of your greatest regrets. Trust me.
Open your thighs to love, your heart to friendship, and your arms to family,
wherever you find them.
You are less sure of yourself than anyone else could be. There is only one way to deal with doubt - go where it tells you not to.

So much will happen, much of it will scare you.
Make friends with the Fear - hear its voice, it has much to tell you about yourself and others.
Do not underestimate your ability to invest in people dangerous to themselves and to you.
Remember love speaks through action, not words. Let go of the sound of your own voice. Act. When you speak, speak your mind. Be mindful.

Follow your instincts. Keep your oldest friends and never be afraid to find more.
It is easier for the Universe to reach you in the company of others.

Know you can achieve what you're dreaming of right now.
In so many ways, you already have.
Don't hold back, don't hold back others.
You are more beautiful right now, as you sit reading this letter, than you have been since you were a child.
You are becoming more yourself with every open-hearted moment.
Never stop.

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