Saturday, August 25, 2007

The One With No Complaints

Happy Birthday Chief!!

I love the interpipe. I love how you can wander around re-discovering the world as a place of wonder and beauty. I'm finding it hard to blog sometimes right now (I know by the frequent complaints that you've noticed). It's hard to know what to write (right) about. I'm also writing a lot of poetry at the moment, which isn't always appropriate for here. These are my excuses and I'm sticking with them.

This week has been one of great activity. The Ministry has been busy preparing for some key cultural developments, and it really feels, as Sherlock would say, that the game is afoot in city culture. The recent assessment on the Cultural Strategy has generated some great responses, and we've had input from some of the big cultural players across the city as well as from the public and from interested artists. The next year should bring some great developments, and slowly it feels as though we are moving towards a city culture that is more unified and - though I hate to use this phrase - 'joined up' in its activity.

The Loft is starting to come together, slowly but surely - although the fact that I can rarely tear myself away from pubs or the Peace Cafe is definitely slowing progress, but who's complaining?

I might have some work in the pipeline, there are some interesting projects coming up at the City Museum, and my London boss has put me onto an interesting audience development project in Wales. All in all, things are going well. The only problem is that when things are going well, creatively, it really doesn't make for good material. I write my best stuff when I'm miserable. How tragic is that? I suppose it's partly because I write to evaluate, to understand and what's to understand about happiness? But who's complaining?

My highlight of the week was an introduction from the glamorous and gorgeous Miss Sally to a song called Yes, We Have No Bananas. I'm not sure what led to its appearance in the office, but I said the words out loud and suddenly the women of the Office burst into song, which made me giggle like a maniac. The paradoxical title is also deliciously pleasing.

Then, best of all, Fashion Guru and all-round kindhearted AngelBaby Sally found it on YouTube, being sung by the Muppets! Enjoy!

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