Sunday, February 10, 2008


He says a sky of blue and a landscape of green
balances the human mind.

But back in the real world of desks and offices,
computer screens and colleagues,
the lack of balance makes the world spin
at an angle that feels somewhat less than jaunty.

Back amongst the jokes and jaunts
and jollity of weddings to come,
the overheard conversations,
the petty frustrations,
the bureaucratic defenses,
the world is closing, folding in and over.

Behind my desk, I am subsumed
beneath a sea of paper, a tide of tasks,
the endless duty England has come
to expect of every man, woman and child.

This city, these walls; the space, the place
in which my shape took form.

I am tied to your horizon with a concrete heart.


Anonymous said...

welcome home, and what a lovely piece of poetry.

Behind my desk, I am subsumed
beneath a sea of paper, a tide of tasks,

this section i am feeling the most right now.

I now tidy my desk once a day and by the time i get in the next day it is a mess again.... how does this happen? who does it? personally i think it is the pixies that hide in my filing cabinet, come out at night and scruff evrything up, naughty little minxs!!

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back with us, you have been missed.

This is a beautiful piece lovely lady. May you write many more.

Anonymous said...

where are you

Anonymous said...

please come back daily pixie

Anonymous said...

Have you left us all alone? Please come back, we miss you.