Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I've been running around always looking down

I'm taking a leaf out of The Youngest Indie's blog (see what I did there?) for a while and using song lyrics as my blog titles. If you have time, check out The Youngest Indie, one of my favourite blogs in the 'osphere, and featuring some mighty fine images, as always.

I'm delighted to find in my image search for today's post, a comic strip called 'Angry Sarah' that captures it all perfectly, by the outrageously talented Luke Pickett - clearly a genius. Turns out Angry Sarah is a recurring character of his, and I love the by-line 'An Angry Sarah Adventure' which just about sums up my life to date.

I spent yesterday in London, up at 6am and back at 9pm. My days in London are weird. The city used to terrify me but I must confess it grows on me more and more. The things I hate about it are also the things I love: the cool anonymity, no one having any interest in you or yours and the way that I never, ever really know what's going to be around the next corner. I'm also becoming increasingly accustomed to sleeping on the train. Snoring amongst strangers should be an exercise for self-confidence.

I had a great opportunity to practice patience on the way back when sharing a carriage with a group of middle class teenagers. Say what you like about young people (no, really, do - I'm no longer in that category and genuinely don't care) but the irritating type are the middle class ones, for me. All sound and banality, signifying nothing, today's uniformed emos will be the 2.4 suburbanites of tomorrow.

There were several moments when I wanted them dead, several where I just wanted them maimed and several where I just wanted to grab and shake each one of them in turn whilst screaming:

"I don't care how posh and fucking privileged you are, or how fucking hilarious your repetitious ego wank fest seems to you right now - I need you to SHUT THE FUCK UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP!"

Although it took a lot of work, I decided against this in the end: partly because it's against my personal code of ethics and I know that such moments really are an opportunity to practice patience, and partly because after my last commuter trip, the judge said that another offence would result in a prison sentence (I know, call that justice? It was a public service and I only did what the other commuters did not have the nerve to do)....

So, yes, I've got a few issues right now. Missing Kit Kat is making me short tempered and intolerant. Yes, even more so than usual. Someone 'accidently' called me a narcissist earlier today and I actually found myself considering throwing him through the window of his shop. Seriously.

I think I should have some kind of public health warning - Danger, this girl has recently lost her best friend to Antipodean Travel. Do not approach her. Do not upset her. And for the love of God, don't provoke her temper.

In other news, The Magic Pixie and I were recently discussing the need for us to have t-shirts reading 'What would Kate do?' to get us through the next 12 months. Turns out, someone got there ahead of us. Truly, Kate is a human miracle.......As the Pixie says, Everyone should have one.

Until next time.......Stay patient.


Psyconym said...

Thanks - yours is alot of fun. I've had the urge to grab people's ankles from under desks, I've just not acted upon it yet (mainly I don't have a office desk, or a office, I'd better work on that).

PB (LOL). It did strike me as unusual when he started up, like that moment of disbelief when a parent dances at a wedding or the like.

Everyone's a bit psyco, some more than others. Dad seems to be rather happy. Its a bit werid.

Having been a teenage some three years ago nearly. I cam safely agree with you. In face most of my pose agree too. We are coming to te archive to check you guys out (joke, joke, we were all poor more or less).

Keep rocking.


Psyconym said...

P.S Mamma Mia, was just a bit too funny for me. Plus ABBA do something to my neurocortex that makes it's heckles stand up. A genetic flaw, no doubt.

I am off to watch St Trinians, my natural forebearers.

Lyn x

Magic Pixie said...

Hi Darling - It's good to know that Kate is still working her magic - for I too realised how much I was missing doing my Blog after going onto hers and have started to add things to mine again.

It's great to see you back writing is good for the soul!

Love and Loads of Hugs


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