Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The coldest story ever told

Well, apart from the story of my bedroom, obviously, and you can read that as you will...

It has been almost a week, how can this be. Worse still, I'm officially 'working' right now so can't spend any time here anyway, but thought it was particularly important to share what I consider to be the best casual use of a cartoon cigarette in a music video - To Date. You might think there's a lack of competition in this category (and the NME awards certainly did this year when I suggested it to them, along with my other suggested categories, Best Use of a Padded Bra by a Pre-Adolescent Popster in 2008 (Eoghan Quigg) and Best Smouldering Eyes on a Male Vocalist Ever (Caleb Followill)).

Anyhoo. Enjoy. Watch out for the smoke, dog.

Heartless - Kanye West


Psyconym said...

The guys near genius!


Sarah said...

I know. I can honestly say I rarely venture into the charts, but I am buying this album!!