Wednesday, March 4, 2009

if they were me and I was you

I had a ridiculous amount of fun tonight with the fizzlingly ( I know, I made it up, I'm particularly proud of it), talking interpersonal behaviour, best friends and the joys and perils of love and fake breasts.

I love that our conversations are wide-ranging and eclectic, moving easily and effortlessly from questions of practical philosophy to frivolous gossip and girlish speculation. One of my favourite conversations concerned one of the obscenely good looking young barmen at the Slug and Lettuce, toward whom I traditionally begin the evening with polite respect and end with somewhat salivating flirtation:

The young man in question was collecting glasses at an adjacent table towards the end of the night as I turned and glanced toward him, then double-took.

I turned swiftly to Sally with what, in hindsight, I hope was a hushed whisper.

"Would you look at his arse? How can it be so simultaneously plump and yet tight?"

Sally rolled her eyes, grinning, and checked him out. She frowned as she stared.

"Yes," she answered thoughtfully, "I see what you mean. It's lovely."

We gazed in the same direction for a moment in silence.

"I think he's on the other bus," she declared, with a soft smile to me.

"Hmmmm," I replied, not shifting my stare.

A minute or so passed in silence before I met Sally's eyes again and asked with intensity, "Do you think that means he would mind if I asked to touch his bum?"

Sally nodded, thinking it through.

"No," she answered finally, "Definitely not. I mean, it's a compliment, isn't it?"



Psyconym said...

It has taken me ten seconds to think of a response..I sitll can't think of one.

I liked this post.


Psyconym said...

The video's sad. It is funny I was just thinking about wild idealism, unchecked by rationality.

Ah!!! Too many deamons came at me at once. I dreamed I cut my own head off. Now what does that say about me?

Strange guy tried to get me into bed again, but I was assertive this time.

I had a relisation today. It wasa creepy. I realised my own hermitage tedencies, which Sue pointed out. I won't go too deep here, but I was freaked.

Might be also because I ma leaning about communication at training. Communication is fun!

Came close to callign Michael, Gunton Bear to his face. I am cured!


Psyconym said...

PS. Sorry about the spelling and lack of grammar. I've started to let it all hang out!


Jimmy Bastard said...

Holy Ker-ist! Once those girly-goo-goo eyes start a-fluttering, it's time to take your toothy-brush back oot of the wee bathroom and head for hame.

Anonymous said...

if thats the same barman im thinkin of, its the one that firted wit me that nyte i woz in there wit u and sally and he wanted to no where i woz going it a heart on my face, lol, he is very fit, lol, the pompey gay boi, luv ya, xoxo