Monday, April 26, 2010

Update: MIA's Born Free - It's always the gingers.

In an interesting development to yesterday's story on MIA - Born Free (well, less of a story, more of a cathartic sharing, to be honest), the wonder of tweetyness has just informed me that the MIA Born Free video has been banned by YouTube.

Imagine! All the stuff that gets on YouTube, and they ban this?

"But Sarah, why?" I hear at least a million readers scream from the ether (sure, you don't comment, but we all know you're there...).

Well, head over to her website and find out for yourself.

It's always the gingers. Always.


DJ Kirkby said...

I got to the nudes on the bed bit and had to shut it down fast as N3S was heading this way. I may be able to get up the nerve to watch the rest later :)

Anonymous said...

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