Friday, September 22, 2006

It's getting hot out there...and windy...and rainy...

It has been one hell of a day. PMT has been giving me hot flushes (no, it's not the menopause, thanks) and making me even more of a mood typhoon than usual. I'm in two minds over raised blood pressure, whether it's healthier to just find yourself a soundproof room and scream, or whether one should be a bit more zen and attempt to talk oneself into a calmer state of mind using logic and controlled breathing. I can see the benefits of both and suspect that the latter is better for you in the long run, but the former is always going to be more fun.

I have a couple of friends who swear by the benefits of screaming 'C U Next Tuesday' - in colloquial terms, for the more delicate or plain polite amongst you - in the safety of their cars, and it almost makes me want a car. Speaking of which, has anyone seen this advert on climate change? I haven't used an electric appliance since. Apart from my pc, but that's in the interests of communication. If you haven't seen it, check it out here.

Scary, isn't it? This is what started my crazy day off and dominated my thoughts all the way to work. Should we not fly anymore? Is it better to sail places, even though it might take six years to get there? Is sailing more expensive? Does anyone know the answers to these questions? I imagine it definitely means that flying to 'local' places like Glasgow isn't cool. I think I need to find out more about this climate change malarky. I'll let you know as I do.

The thing is, our own dangerousness is getting a bit ubiquitous, isn't it? I have a standing joke that it's impossible to get out of bed in the morning without oppressing someone or harming nature, but I think it's actually true. When it feels like that to people who WANT to change their nefarious ways, I think it means that most people must feel helpless and when we feel helpless we often turn away and try to distract ourselves with something else.

Can anyone recommend some ways to change the world please? Oh, what a coincidence - our gorgeous friend Lisa Clark has just posted some rather fabulous ways that you can change the world over at her equally fabulous myspace site blog: go and look at her pinkalicious site.

For more fabulous ideas about how to change the world, check out another of Lisa's recommended sites: You can get their book Change The World for a £5 from any Portsmouth library - I read a copy when I worked at Portsea, my fave library in the whole city.

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