Sunday, September 17, 2006

Welcome to The Daily

Hey folks! I've set up The Daily for many reasons, not all of them entirely pure, but then, what writer's motivations are ever entirely pure?

I have always wanted a column, and those of you who followed my recent blog journey in America will know that I set my heart on San Francisco's Guardian. I intend to launch a campaign to stalk this particular publication until they decide to take me on and one of my chief weapons will be The Daily. Oh yes. Soon the power will be mine.........mine.......

The Daily isn't the only place you'll find me. In this virtual world, I hang out simultaneously at a number of venues, listed under Links. Check them out, too.

So, what's The Daily about? Truth is, I'm not sure yet. There are lots of things t
hat I'm interested in - writing, literature, art, politics, film, feminism, music, sex - and you'll find all of them here, though maybe not together, but never say never. So check back, whenever you feel like it. There'll be something different every day - I'm flinching as I make this promise, knowing only too well how lazy I am - and you can tell me what you think via these nifty comment boxes.

Before you go, make sure you wave goodbye to Dorothy P, the muse of the muse. We're both a long way from Kansas. See you soon.

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entity said...

Sarah you lovely lady with lovely words which have inspired me to set up my own blog. Check out dream life blog. Nothing on it yet as i may take a long time to find out how to post my profile and upload pictures etc etc. so it may remain in its minimal state.