Friday, November 10, 2006


Found this picture at the Saatchi Gallery, called Sneeze, by Dana Schutz - check it out - she even looks like me! Thanks for the lone commentor who wished me well, I'm sure it's why I feel better today. Virtual magic.

I decided to battle through my lurgy and valiantly fight on yesterday, because that's what the Princess Warrior of Culture does. She battles on. However, my boss gave me a brief bemused stare when I arrived.

"You look like crap," she announced firmly.

"Yeah, morning, not feeling too great still actually," I mumbled.

"You shouldn't have come in. Go home, get some rest."

So the Princess Warrior of Culture put away her sword and trampled home again. Where I passed the day lying dramatically on the couch, blowing my nose and coughing and letting out the odd weary wail and sigh every so on. That always makes me feel better.

This morning I feel a bit brighter for it, so my boss at the Museum must have been right. Even about me looking like crap. But hey, that happens to all of us once in a while.

It may be the effects of the lurgy, but my dreams have been really strange lately. You may remember me mentioning yesterday about the delicious man in the hotel lobby.

A lot of my dreams are set in the same place, this big hotel lobby; though funnily enough, not the one of last night's dream. I'm fascinated with recurring dreams that people have. Most people that I've spoken to about it can identify a central motif that has long been a feature of their dreams. Mine is buildings, lots of my dreams are set in ever-changing labyrinthine buildings, and there's always a part of them that turns into a cave. Go figure. I'm pretty sure what Freud made of caves and I don't really want to go there, in any sense. This is a family show.

This morning I checked out the comments on yesterday's blog and as predicted the great hairlessness debate has brought all of the Commentors online. A less enlightened ego than mine might get insecure about the amount of attention the Chief gets, but as I work with him, I know how much curiosity he can inspire. He's just that kind of guy.

For information, the Chief is not married, he's single, and you can reach him on the following cell phone number: Just kidding!

Really, what do you think this: some kind of dating agency for managers? It's the Daily, not, you know.

Unless there was any money in and then I'd drop the Daily like it was hot.

Today's Beautiful Things

1. Getting enough sleep for the first time in ages

2. The enigma of curious dreams

3. Learning to customise Google

Quote of the Day

There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity.
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

No one really listens to anyone else, and if you try it for a while you'll see why.
Mignon McLaughlin


G said...

Good picture. Got to admit, I thought it looked like you too! Glad you're a bit better today - take care xxx

Anonymous said...

I bet the Chief loves all this attention doesn't he? However, it's not just news/stories of him we love. It's all our other new found friends that we may not have met but are getting to know. There's Miss Sally (forever wise), the Lovely Lisa Clark (and all things pink) and Kitty Kat Kate. There's your brother, your mother and Bean too. But best of all there's you. Keep writing Princess Warrior of Culture and we'll keep reading. And one day when you are rich and famous we'll be able to say "we knew her when she was just a blog".