Wednesday, November 8, 2006

What Ho Jeeves

I've been considering the nature of the perfect butler. The butler that exists in my mind is a highly intelligent and fundamentally pre-emptive creature, who anticipates my every crisis and whim. An ex of mine used to say that I expected him to act like my butler, as a kind of insult, I think, but I can only say that if he had, the relationship would probably have lasted - is that shallow and selfish?

In a discussion with the Chief by text on the subject of butlers, he comments that Hudson, pictured, from Upstairs, Downstairs was bald. I disagree and have to call my Mum at midnight to confirm it.

"Hi Mum, was Hudson, from Upstairs Downstairs, bald?"

"No, I don't think so. He wasn't when he became Cowley in the Professionals. Why don't you Google it? How much have you had to drink?"

He doesn't look bald to me, but I shall leave it to you, dear Reader.

Now Jeeves, that was the perfect Butler, always sorting out Wooster's messes, highly intelligent and with a central air of mystery. You could never quite imagine what Jeeves did in his spare time. I like that in a butler.

I spent the afternoon slogging over a hot pc to finish a kind of briefing paper for the Council. Louise, or 'frou frou' as she often likes to be known, cheered me up all afternoon by exchanging bits of eighties trivia and acknowledging the masterpiece of the eighties theme tune (yesterday, the A-Team was the choice du jour), which I kept on singing and humming. How the office put up with the amount of noise I make in a working day is beyond me. If I had to work with me, I'd request a transfer.

Whilst looking for a site to entertain Louise with, I stumbled across this:

I was more than impressed with the website, but turns out they are a funky acoustic cover band that only cover eighties hits. This month they're allowing you to download their version of Uptown Girl, which you may or may not be able to resist. Lou sent me back a crazy image in the style of BBC news.

Made me laugh.

Today's Beautiful Things

1. The crisp, crisp cold

2. Laughing with my brother

3. A late night glass of wine

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