Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Monday Shining

Yesterday was so good that I completely forgot to blog about it. It's rare that this happens, but as you know, sometimes it does.

I had the unique pleasure of being in the company of not just one, but two of my bosses yesterday - and this happens even more rarely than me missing the blog! - the Chief and the London boss. I had a very interesting conversation with them both about the fine art of blogging. Despite the fact that the two conversations initially happened separately (the Chief and I were out for coffee when we bumped into the London boss in Costalots, Commercial Road - and where one of the staff was lovely enough to take the address of my blog- so if you're reading, Matt, hallo), both men made the same comment - that blogging mystifies them because it's so intensely personal.

This observation flummoxed me for a little bit as I don't think about the Daily as being very personal at all. Compared to what goes into my journal, for example, the Daily is exceptionally formal. Besides, because my identity is not hidden here, there are actually strict ethical restrictions on what I can write about.

For example, it may be fascinating material to me that: recently divorced Ms X has plunged into a sweeping depression, following which she has become addicted to diet pills and is currently in hiding after pouring three tins of white paint over her ex-husband's red porsche, whilst in a frenzy of amphetamine induced rage. But there would be hell to pay if I wrote about it. Not least because I'm as good as sentencing Ms X to few months community service, but also because anyone who knows me would be able to deduce very quickly who Miss X was by mentally running through a list of my recently divorced friends (anyone thinking of attempting this, don't bother, I made her up - despite the ethical nightmare, if I had a story that good, I'd write about it even if landed my best friend in jail. I'm a writer, we can resist everything but good copy).

As a result, I have to stick mostly to positive observations about other people and talking about myself, neither of which seems like a bad thing.

In passing, I also mentioned to the London boss, a lifelong ambition of mine (ok, really it dates back a few months): to start an alternative paper to our local favourite, The News, which has enjoyed a blissful monopoly of the city's readers for far too long.

Does anyone know or remember if the city has ever had another paper?

To my surprise, he was very enthusiastic about the idea, which took me aback somewhat as it's become one of those opinions I spout all the time safe in the knowledge that I don't have the first clue about how to do it. However, the London boss is a very canny man, in my humble opinion and it didn't seem to occur to him that I couldn't do it, so the idea has now become an official consideration. All advice, volunteers and sponsorship gratefully received. Watch this space!

Starting a new paper could also have another benefit. I started The Daily because I wanted a column in the San Francisco Guardian and wanted the practice. Until my move to San Francisco (scheduled provisionally for 2008) I could start another paper right here, and I'd not only have my own column - I'd have my own newspaper. Today a newspaper, tomorrow an island empire, and the day after.............(drum roll, accompanying tense music, something with violins maybe ) .....THE WORLD!

Having enjoyed our previous discussions on the comments board on the subject of premature hair loss a few weeks ago (remember - How much hair does Hudson have?), I am again inviting your comments, but this time on the topic of the 3 beautiful things feature. I mentioned to the Chief yesterday that I am losing interest in this feature and intended to cut it.

"No," he stated firmly. "You can't. I like it. I read them every day. I like them."

The Chief's not an easy person to argue with (mostly because if he doesn't like what you're saying, he just gets up and walks away) and I was intrigued. I'm bored with it, but what do the readers think? Any thoughts or shall I just disappear them one day and see if anyone notices?

Today's Beautiful Things

1. My word of the day: flummox; verb; meaning - to perplex or bewilder

2. My cunning plan to write two blogs today in the hope that no one will complain this time that I missed a day

3. A glass of wine with the Chief as we people watch and philosophise


Anonymous said...

We love the three things in a world of negative views,what about until the end of the year.Let the chief embrace change.
Gh & tr

Anonymous said...

keep the three,its Dante perfect number

Lisa...yes, Clark said...

Please keep them miss Chevverchops, I love them. I also love the idea of an alternative paper in the city, you are most deffo the lady to make that happen, it will be incredible - you know you have my total support, can I have a pink page please?

Kitty Kat Kate said...

stay stay stay!

The paper is a great idea-deffo one for Ms Cheverton