Sunday, February 25, 2007

we give ourselves the chance of happiness

The beautiful and haunting Hajieelkhe by Enayla on

I spend some time today mindlessly surfing the internet. I am beginning to think that this is what Sundays are made for. It's strange what you can stumble across when drifting across the virtual waves. I visit Snopes and find in their picture gallery (I was listening to another Max Carrados story) an incredibly disturbing sculpture installation by Patricia Piccinini called We Are Family. I am so freaked out by this that I distract myself with a random link on the Grand Canyon.

Turns out it describes a new attraction at the Grand Canyon that allows you to walk on a glass bridge out across the canyon, like so:

Loving the eighties comic artwork.

I'll be honest. It scares the shit out of me just looking at a picture of it, but whatever floats your boat. For an idea of how high that skywalk is, look here. If you're headed over the stream sometime soon, it opens on March 28th.

Ah, the wonders of modern technology.

I then stumble across a series of documentaries about Daniel Tammett on YouTube (I am even slightly impressed that the user who uploaded them has a username of godtammet - excellent work). Daniel is a mathematical savant with Aspergers Syndrome. He became well known when he recited from memory the more than twenty thousand digits that go to make up Pi (more familiarly 3.14 to you and I and sumptin to do with circles, dude).

Daniel has also just written a book called Born on a Blue Day which Portsmouth Library service has two copies of - ripe for order, if, like me, you can't afford a sausage let alone a book concerning pi (forgive me). Back up though, I've already ordered my copy and the other one is on loan.

Get in the queue, mortal.

See the first part of the documentary below and double click on it to get to the original page that will direct you to the rest.

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Heather x said...

Wow!! that looks real scary! Also seems a shame to ruin the beautiful view with mass development, cos you can be sure it won't stop there!

Hope your well honey!

H x