Friday, March 23, 2007

It's interesting to test your capabilities for a while

I love this.

Thanks (again) to Bill Emory over at his observational photographic blog Black and White,
which just plain-old makes me feel better about being. Make sure you have a look at day of rest and stairway too.

This morning I caught this song on T4 Music, a salsa remake of Coldplay's Clocks (with a subtitle of Time is Running Out) that has turned the tune into a song about the fear of climate change and its implications. This really appeals to my hippie tendencies and I am compelled, nay, obliged to reproduce it here. Unfortunately I can only find you a teaser:

Searching for Rhythm Del Mundo I also came across this great video to the Arctic Monkeys. It reminds me a bit of a scene from Ghost World.

Have a great weekend, and if you saw the singing group on Meridian tonight, feel free to tell me all about it - I missed it!

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