Saturday, March 24, 2007

The creative process

By chance, in my journeying across the landscape of artists' blogs, I have started to encounter artists who post not only about their creative process, but are prepared to post the process itself!

This clip is from France Belleville's blog and shows her creating a gorilla. From nothing. Artists are like magicians this way.

As I type this, Bean says, "She's creating a picture of a gorilla, actually."

"All any of us have is the idea of a gorilla, Bean. Is her gorilla more or less real than a photo of a gorilla? Or a film image of one? Or a real one?"

Conversations between the Bean and I often end up this way.

But back to the process. Sometimes the process can turn into the end result. Bean and I discover a band called I'm From Barcelona, a 29 person choir from Sweden. Their MySpace site explains how the choir's new album, 'Let Me Introduce My Friends' came to be:

Fueled by love and vacation, Emanuel Lundgren writes a couple of explosive happy pop songs and decides to gather all his friends to put them on tape. His apartment turns into a friendly factory as people come and go loaded with banjos, accordions and kazoos. Some weeks (and lifetime memories) later, a homemade EP is finished and Emanuel collects almost all the 29 participants for a first and last live show in August 2005.

What he thought was an ending was a beginning of numerous rumours and talk about this new and exciting band. One show soon turned into plenty. Swedish media goes out of control and bloggers all over the world starts sharing their knowledge about the Swedish big band. In only a couple of months more than 20 000 people have downloaded songs from the bands website.

Today over 140 000 people have watched the video for We're from Barcelona on the website! The EP "Don't Give Up On Your Dreams, Buddy!" is released on EMI Sweden in early 2006 and is followed up by the full length album "Let Me Intruduce My Friends".

Here is the video to one of their latest tracks, We're From Barcelona.

Now, that's happy.