Wednesday, May 23, 2007

All night, All day, Angels watching over me

Two abandoned fishing boats on Mull,
Picture courtesy of Kit-Kat Kate

Everyone in the Ministry was hungover today after our Events Manager, Lydia's, leaving do last night at the unbelievably beautiful Mozzarella Joes on the seafront. The restaurant is one of the best kept secrets currently in town and if you get the chance on a quiet, sunny evening, snag yourself a table on the balcony.

"This is the best view in the world," murmured the Chief as we all stood staring across the waves.

A large amount of alcohol and pizza was consumed last night in MJ's, and a deafening amount of laughter was poured around the table too. The highlight for me was when Norma, the Ministry's very own International Woman of Mystery, rubbed the Chief's head as if were the stomach of Buddha and the next moment challenged him to a swimming contest. The Chief confidently accepted before discovering that Norma was once an Olympic contender in swimming. We'll find out for sure on August 1st and you have til then to decide whether you're Team Chief or Team Norma.

Tonight the African Women's Forum regrouped after singing this weekend in Gunwharf as part of the Steel Pan Festival. The atmosphere of the group is more relaxed now we have a few performances under our belts and we have begun dancing more as we sing, which makes the evening feel more like a party than ever.

News from the Peace Cafe is of a film called Earthlings, which has intriguingly turned Chris, one of the PC regulars, into a vegetarian. Vegetarianism has been courting me of late and I'm curious. It's a documentary about the meat industry and Kate and I have vowed to watch it.

Mark Wright, you sprite of all gorgeousness, I love your idea of the script about the Heights, I'm resting with it right now to see what grows. If I can find any time between laughing at the sky and howling at the moon in the meantime, I would love to get back to my other creative work right now, too. Then I could share the last installment of my as yet un-named love triangle drama.

Poem of the Day

An old favourite, from Instructions to the Double

It's a dangerous mission. You
could die out there. You
could live forever.

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