Thursday, May 24, 2007

Serenity, or something like it

Serenity, by Stella Dunckley
You can buy it here at the minigallery site

The hormones in my system are like a brain flood. Everything is hazy around the edges and tinged with an overdoes of emotion - yes, I mean more than normal. Tomorrow I have an appointment with the Citizen's Advice Bureau to ask them about whether anyone in the Heights has any rights to delay or just slow down the inevitable process we're all facing of rent hikes through the roof. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

I burst into tears at my desk at lunchtime, a little over-tired and a lot out of emotional gas. The hormones do not help and I know I'm far too emotional when I wander over to the Chief with flooding eyes and tell him I want to go home.

"Absolutely," he answers, his eyes fixed on mine. "No problem. Want me to walk you?"

You know, though he hates me to say it on the Interpipe, or indeed anywhere, that man can be pretty damn lovely when it counts, which is, well, when it counts.

So, back to the Peace Cafe I wander (yes, I'm living there) and drown my sorrows in camomile. It doesn't take long before I feel my Zen wander back to me and settle down at the base of my spine, curling itself around my backbone like scaffolding. That place is magical, you know.

To cap it all, I close my day with Lisa at MJ's where BBQ chicken wings (I'm still just flirting with vegetarianism, ok?) and french fries heaped with a lot of catch up between Lisa and I (I know, I can hardly believe I pulled that pun either) take my mind from my worries. Perfect. Her new book is out in June, and it's called Beautylicious, so go out and order your copies, ok?

Two and a half hours in the bath at the end of the day make everything seem better, and only one thing can close the day to perfection. Spaced Episode 6 - obviously. Here's to Jazzy Jess and the Fresh Pegg!

Apologies for the quality, but you really should own it on DVD by now, you know.

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