Monday, February 12, 2007

Every person takes the limits of their own field of vision for the limits of the world. Arthur Schopenhauer

Tonight's Daily is dedicated to the art of animation. A friend of mine from the Central Library, David Kemp is an illustrator and animator and via Dave's rather fabulous Myspace site, I discovered a YouTube for Animators, called aniBOOM, which is set to become my favourite thing du jour.

One of the first animations I looked at led me immediately to the website of some Hungarian animators, whose work I loved. I watched Chaos Theory by Gergely Szelei, which I thought was disturbing and exciting all at once. Much more instantly appealing was the poignant animation, Memento, above, which you might need to watch full screen, or download and watch from the creator's website here.

I spent a long time on aniBOOM, not for the last time, I suspect. Plus, if I ever get the urge, I can also make my own animations using the Shapeshifter programme on the site - my favourite was the BatMan.

The rebellious anti-capitalist in me loved this one, but for goodness sake don't watch it at work! Swearing alert! Swearing alert!

For sheer orginal quirkiness, this one made me laugh the most.

I love Spock.

On the way home tonight, I stopped in the Coop for some dinner (Miss Sally, if you're reading, I followed your lead and bought some smoked mackerel for dinner, and you're right, I feel much better for it) and got into conversation with my old boss.

Somehow the conversation turned to the subject of masturbation - don't ask me how, the only thing I can tell you is that conversations like this follow me around - I remember, it's because he trades in old books in his spare time and he has just sold a book from 1834 on the perils of 'self-abuse'.

"Wow." I said, finally, not really knowing him well enough to comment much further.

"I know," he nodded, "Still, it's all lost on me, I was raised by Jesuits."

There was a long silence in which we stared at each other. I struggled to understand the significance of this comment, and how exactly I always manage to work myself into these conversations. He stared back at me, perhaps waiting for the dawn of understanding. It didn't appear.

"They teach you what to think about, you know so you won't......"

I nodded furiously, half-desperate for the conversation to be over and half-desperate to know what these mysterious preventative thoughts might be. Logic won out in the end. I don't want to know what those terrible thoughts that are designed to prevent what Woody Allen once described as "sex with someone I love."

I have a hard enough job of filling my spare time as it is.

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Kitty Kat said...

We are loving aniBOOM, great find dude!

See what you mean about the Chaos clip, really liked it whilst being a litle freaked out by it! 'Fucking spend'should make it to the top spot in the charts!

Have a good one flower. x x x
PS Keep writing Princess of Darkness