Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Reclamation will not be televised

There is a fantastic story in today’s News:

“…a tree in Gosport has been bizarrely adorned with a collection of mugs and teacups…the (local) authority has had enough and vowed to prosecute those responsible for littering if the tree is decorated again.

Those responsible for the bizarre tree decorations have so far kept quiet as to why they have been doing this. The News has received numerous letters and calls from readers asking that the decorations be kept. But the council has now put its foot down (what? In the tree?) and vowed to get tough with the decorators.”

Awesome. I think any ‘pranks’ and statements in public space can only be a positive thing. Having said that, I am also a huge fan of graffiti and guerrilla art, so I would be a supporter of this particular storm in a tree cup (Oh God, I’ll need at least 10 minutes to stop laughing at my own pun there).

Someone has remarked in the article that the mugs may fall down in high winds and harm someone, but apparently they are tied on, so it seems a low risk. Further, if we wanted to get picky, the tree could fall down in high winds but no one is making a case for taking that down!

Reclaim the streets and the trees and the plants and the parks and the billboards and the pavements and the walls and the shop fronts! Reclaim it all! Hurrah!

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin the meantime, though, here are some Subvertising Sites to start you off:

The Graffiti Research Lab

The Anti-Advertising Agency


The Bubble Project

See also this great article in Wikipedia about Culture Jamming.


H x said...

blog diary of the fuzzy film for you, you may have already seen it, but one of my boys showed it to me and i had to pass it on to you!!

H x

Sarah said...

You are an angel!! Thanks H! xxx