Sunday, April 8, 2007

All wings and no halo

Paul Giamatti, I love him, and not just because he has wine

I am thrilled to log in and see a comment not only from one of our own Daily Street Irregulars, Kit Kat, (loving Lou's quote, btw! and hope you're both having a fantabulous Easter break), but also from none other than Taylor Mac's manager. And, of course, I will immediately join Taylor's UK mailing list, it'll give me something to read while I work out when and how I can get to go and see him on tour on my poor civil service wage - well, technically, I will make these calculations after an interval of about 8 hours when I'm back on my own broadband connection and not beholden to the Bean and the G's dial-up modem connection, no offence meant, Sandy Pointers.

So, I came over to the joys of Mingy and Sandy Point for Easter Sunday, where G cooked the loveliest dinner and even gave me ice cream and apple pie after. Perfect. As if these wonders could not be topped, we then sat and watched a movie after dinner, 'Stranger than Fiction.'

I loved this movie, which kept reminding me of Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, another one of my favourite films of all time ever (and one guaranteed to make me cry - not one to watch after you have just broken up with your ex-boyfriend, particularly not if you have even the sneakiest suspicion that this may be a relatinship that haunts you for the rest of your Earth-walking days, but don't feel obliged to take my word for it, break up with your partner then watch it, we'll start a readers' poll). It was funny, sharp and really tender, and there isn't a bad actor in it: Will Ferrell, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, and Queen Latifah.

It also stars Maggie Gyllenhaal, who is not just fascinating because she's uber-cool and someone you would like to be your best friend in case her innate insouciant sexuality rubbed off on you even a little, making you a man-magnet in your own right and someone that a man would fork his own eyeballs for a date with (it's true, this can actually happen. I saw it happen once in a backstreet pub in Cambridge, and then the woman turned him down anyway- gutted), but also she's Jake's sister, which would mean the coolest family dinners ever, once Jake and I are established as artiste amours.

This is the first time screenplay for Zach Helm, the film's creator, and I will definitely be watching his work in the future. I loved the idea for this film, that someone wakes up to find they have become a fictional character in someone else's novel and can hear their own life being narrated as they live it. The fact that it's also about writing is an interesting one, too.

Before I went to bed, I decided to watch M Night Shyamalan's Lady in the Water. I am a sometime fan of his, having really loved Sixth Sense, and the less popular The Village, as well as signs. This movie was interesting to me because I knew that Shyamalan was playing one of the side-central characters and because it stars Paul Giamatti, who is one of my big time crushes and has been since I saw him in Sideways. He has the most beautiful eyes and is one of those actors who seems marked in equal measure by the spirit of comedy and tragedy. Sideways is also one of my favourite films and I would like to partner him for ever, each time I see it.

I liked Lady in the Water, but oddly, I kept thinking I would have liked it a whole lot more as a graphic novel. Maybe this is because of my current Sandman obsession, maybe it's because Shyamalan has his own interest in the genre (I'm thinking of Unbreakable). In fact, if I'm honest, if Paul Giamatti wasn't in this movie, I probably wouldn't have lasted til the end. It asks too much of the viewer with too little consistency, and for some reason, I just didn't believe in these characters as strongly as I've invested in some of the others in his movies.

So the Easter break is almost over, and tomorrow, I'll be heading back to the Heights to prepare myself for my return to work. I've decided to devote myself to an evening of magic and ritual (don't worry, I'm not actually going to invoke anything - obviously, the last time that happened the small of sulphur lasted for weeks) so I'm planning to pull some cards, light some candles and I found this really interesting spell for unleashing your writing creativity in my almanac.

So much to do, so few places that sell eye of newt....Happy Easter!

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