Thursday, January 11, 2007

The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it. Flannery O'Connor

Zane Lowe
probably the most golden tonsiled DJ in the World

I was impressed with the Chief today when he told me that he had listened to Gary, lead singer of Snow Patrol, fronting for Zane Lowe on Radio 1 last night. I've been busy every night this week thus far and so have missed not only Snow Patrol's shift but also The Automatic, The Young Knives and my very favourite Mike Skinner of the Streets (Oi! oi! oi! - that's a Streets joke and you'll only get it if you're cool as beans).

Tonight it's the turn of the gorgeous Kelly Osborne, and if like me, you're likely to miss that one as well, then fear ye not! We can listen to all of the shows online at the ever gorgeous and divinely voice-boxed Zane's R1 webspage. Which is also where I found out Zane has his own MySpace site that I will pretty soon be toddling along to.....

Blog of the day definitely goes to The Happiness Project - which I found through the Marginal Revolution Blog - for being such a wonderfully positive idea. I love her post about ideal gifts and changing lightbulbs. I've been wondering what my 'thing' for making people happy could be. the Daily makes a small contribution, but actually, I'm quite like Gretchen, I have a talent for tidying up, as long as it's other people's space, so if this is of any use to anyone reading, mail me, and I'll bring a little happiness to your world by tidying your house! Probably.

Talking of happiness, I went to a purely pink soiree last night to celebrate Clarky's book - it was lovely. There was a chocolate fountain pouring pink chocolate (that was actually white chocolate with dye, I'm actually increasing my heart rate by writing about it) and pink sparkles and best of all was the gorgeous Lisa Clark, looking like a princess authoress. I'm not intending to be a parent, but I think I caught a glimpse of what parental pride might be like. I even got phantom nerves beforehand. I know Clarky was a bit nervous about the evening (she's so good at bigging everyone else up but feels a bit self-conscious when it's all about the Clarky!) but she was the very picture of an authoress. Perfect pinkocity!!

Can I also take this opportunity to big up the Google Reader again. You need to get yourself a Google account, here. When you have your Google account, go to the Google Reader page and sign in. Now go to the Add Subscriptions bit of the page, on the left in the list and start choosing your blogs! All you have to do is type in or cut and paste the address of the blog in the box, click on add and this will subscribe you to it. Then you won't have to go to all your blogs individually each day, you can go to Google Reader and see exactly which of your fave blog writers have written on their blogs and which of them got so drunk they couldn't walk, let alone type.

Now isn't that progress?!

Today you need to check out three things:

1. The Youngest Indie (recommendation from Clarky) which today is all Walker Brothers and tears, but still beautiful.

2. For anyone who is also fast becoming a ColdPhoto addict - Laurel's arrived in Norway!

3. Charlotte Moore's book, George and Sam (available in the city's mighty fine libraries). If you're not sure whether you'll like it, read one of her Mind the Gap columns. If you enjoy that, you'll love the book. And if you have a crazy fascination with autism and Aspergers (what? It does happen), it's a must-read.

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Dill said...

ok that last paragraph about google reader was like japanese to me? And who on earth is Laurel?

I am confused......

S. x