Monday, January 8, 2007

We do not know what we want and yet we are responsible for what we are - that is the fact. Jean-Paul Sartre

Sir Nick, of the Frost kingdom (where the 20Q pixies live)

A picture of Nick Frost for Lou and I. Probably just us, actually. What is it about Nick Frost? BTW and FYI, Lou, Sir Nick has a fansite, too, called....wait for it......Frostitution. Awesome.

First day back at work. The Chief rang me this morning to remind me and really made me laugh when he sang. The song was my favourite thing of the day (though the competition was tough - it was a good day). Miss Sally and I, reunited, irritated the Chief (and probably everyone else) with our endless giggling, and made each other laugh whilst drinking lots of cups of tea and achieving an astounding amount of work because we are both highly skilled multi-taskers.

In fact, it's amazing how much work you can do when you're pretending to be Rocky sprinting the Museum steps (Miss Sally was being Rocky and I supplied the theme tune). I perfectly reconnected what I like about my job today. Playing with words, acting like a zoom lens, tweaking with images and making them clearer and testing my memory and my ability to proofread (on the last - needs work, could try harder, just ask the Winchester Doctor). Plus I get to do what I love surrounded by interesting, kind, funny, generous people. When I finished work, I felt gigglingly euphoric all the way home in the wind and rain.

A quick phone call to an ex-boyfriend ended that, however (but only briefly - you can't keep a pioneer down for long. Well, you can, but you have to make it well worth her while). I had to ask a favour, which I was a bit dubious about. Ex's and favours don't always go hand in hand. Well, unless a huge amount of alcohol is consumed, and anyway, I wasn't after that kind of favour. He said no - more than his job was worth.

After the call ended, I became paranoid. I wondered if it was only because I was asking the favour that he said no, and that he would do it if it were someone else. I spent a small amount of time feeling resentful and bitter about it. Fortunately, Matthias came round to see me in the nick of time and spent the rest of the evening making me laugh until I wheezed and snorted, and realised I was making a big old fuss about nothing. I even laughed when he put a comment on the blog answering my (admittedly, now that I look back on it, stupid) question about my what-if DJ name. He has no shame. For that DJ name.

Matt downloaded GoogleEarth to my computer, which I have to recommend, purely on the basis that it's very, very clever. Almost as clever, in fact, as 20Q, which is one of the cleverest things I know that doesn't breathe. Fact. That's because pixies do it and magic things don't need to breathe because they only exist in the ethereal realm and don't require oxygen. Fact.

I'm back on the 'Tec Tales as Christmas brought me the most wonderful collection of Roaring Twenties Whodunnits, which, despite the old adage, I must admit I love as much for the cover as the contents. The first one I read was by Annette Meyers, 'Timor Mortis'. The detective of the story is a poet called Olivia Brown, who inherits her detective firm from her spinster great-aunt, Miss Evangeline Brown. She - Evangeline, that is - lived out her days "in Greenwich Village in a Boston marriage with Miss Alice." Perfect.

Figures that this criminal collection is today's Read of the Day.

In honour of my return to work, today's collection of miscellany is:

Today's Ministry of Culture Quotes

1. Miss Sally, on office gossip: "...and as for the rest, it's just a tissue of lies."

2. Me, on bacon and ham in one day: "What? I'm big on pig."

3. The Chief, on festivals: "I'm certainly never going into a mosh pit; I'm never going to spit; and I'm never wearing a t-shirt that hasn't been washed for a week."


Louise said...

You are my HERO! Well actually, tell a lie, Nick Frost is my hero (and object of affection) but you come a close second. Thanks lady! Lou x

Dill said...

What did he say no to??? I'll kill him, let me at him.......GGGGGGGGGGggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Dill. xxx

P.S i can totally see the appeal of the fat bloke.

Louise said...

Fat bloke? Fat bloke?!? Is that all he is to you? Tut tut...


Lou x